Google repeatedly fired AI personnel

Margaret Mitchell, head of Ethical AI at Google said she was fired. Within just 2 months, Google fired both people leading this group. Mitchell said she was fired by email on the afternoon of Feb. 19, news began to spread when she tweeted “I’m fired” on Twitter. Follow Wired, A Google spokesperson said Mitchell has […]


Microsoft hopes to secure Google in Australia

Microsoft is hoping to expand its market share in Australia after Google warned it would stop its search service in Australia if the government passed a bill that forced technology companies to pay for news content to the press. Artwork: The Sociable In a statement released on February 3, Microsoft President Brad Smith affirmed his […]


Collecting trillions of taxes from individuals earning ‘huge’ income from Facebook, Google

Taxes collected from individuals generating revenue from platforms such as Google, Facebook, Apple … increase, when many individuals with ‘huge’ revenues actively declare and pay taxes. Tax revenue from e-commerce platforms increased. Illustration The online business model, making money online from cross-border platforms is thriving and has a much larger scale than traditional buying and […]


The secret handshake between Google and Facebook made many parties concerned

Facebook’s tacit handshake with Google is making technology corporations concerned. The big guys can build an alliance to dominate the online advertising market. The translation of the article by Daisuke Wakabayashi and Tiffany Hsu, published in The New York Times. In the online advertising market, when companies want to display ads on the website, they […]


YouTube blocks the account of US President Donald Trump

Alphabet Inc’s YouTube video sharing service has followed the wave of “turning away” from US President Donald Trump of online platforms. In a January 13 (Vietnam time) noon announcement, YouTube said it had removed new content posted on President Trump’s channel on the grounds that it violated policies on inciting violence. YouTube blocks the account […]

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Along with Facebook, Microsoft and Google will also fight legal battle against hacking company NSO, know this case related to spyware

Facebook has filed an appeal in the US Court of Appeals against hacking company NSO. Tech giants Cisco, Dell, Microsoft and Google have also joined the battle for Facebook. The NSO spyware was also linked to the murder of Jamal Khashogi, a Washington Post journalist who was assassinated in 2018 at the Saudi consulate in […]