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Meto, the call of freedom

On an island cut off from the world, 64 boys live in a boarding school-prison, under the constant surveillance of despotic and cruel guards. When they break a rule or show themselves too curious, the children are severely punished, even being locked up in the “fridge”, a dark cold room. Méto joined the “house” at […]

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Rashad Hussain named ambassador for international religious freedom in the US

US President Joe Biden has named an Indian-American Rashad Hussain as Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. Rashad Hussain is the first Muslim to hold this important post. Hussain, 41, is currently the Director of Partnerships and Global Engagement on the National Security Council. Hussein holds a law degree from Yale University and holds a master’s […]

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Sciences-Po Grenoble: what does academic freedom cover?

► What does academic freedom cover? As underlined by law professor Olivier Beaud (1), “academic freedom” is a term imported from Germany and the United States. ” It is part of university freedoms which also include university franchises inherited from the Middle Ages, police franchises (the police cannot intervene in a university without the approval […]