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Who are the large families in 2023?

Despite the decline in the birth rate, large families remain a “massive and lasting phenomenon” in France, says Marie-Andrée Blanc, president of the National Union of Family Associations (Unaf). In 2020, they were 1.7 million and represented 21% of families with children under 25, according to INSEE, which defines a large family from three children. […]

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Do we know the extent of bullying in France?

“And if the other was you?” » The Minister of National Education launched the “No to bullying” campaign for the 2022-2023 school year on the occasion of the National Day against bullying at school organized this Thursday, November 10. The aim is to raise awareness in the educational community and to encourage student victims or […]

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Taxation: MEPs attack alimony

Warning, hot topic! Thursday, October 6, the deputy Aude Luquet (MoDem, Seine-et-Marne) must defend, in first reading in the National Assembly, a text on the taxation of alimony. This single mother, who is raising a 9-year-old boy, intends to speak out for single-parent families who have long been denouncing tax injustice. Concretely, after a separation, […]

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Pornography: child protection associations attack Twitter

Six child protection associations denounce the presence of pornographic content accessible to the youngest on Twitter. They have just seized Arcom, the French media regulator, to intervene with the social network. “Likely to be disturbing for adults, pornographic, child pornography and zoophilic content is unbearable and terrifying for children”is indignant Armelle Le Bigot-Macaux, president of […]

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People leaving homes in Europe, thousands killed, railway tracks and runways melted due to heatwave

Europe Heatwave: The whole of Europe is facing the scorching heat. The heatwave is so strong that railway tracks and runways are melting there. Western Europe is completely in the grip of heatwave and the direction of this heatwave is moving towards the north. According to data from the immediate Met Office, the highest temperature […]

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Recruitment in crèches, the fear of a race to the bottom

Can we entrust young children to unqualified staff in order to guarantee them a place in a crèche? This question has been agitating the early childhood sector since the announcements of the brand new Minister of Solidarity, Jean-Christophe Combe, on July 10, before the sector committee responsible for thinking about the training of professionals. Faced […]