Why has Metaverse become the new ‘fever’ of the technology world?

The parent company of the popular social network Facebook has strongly changed its name to Meta – reflecting its ambition towards the Internet metaverse world (virtual universe) and beyond the scope of the current social network. Metaverse is becoming the new ‘craze’ of the tech world. (Source: The cryptocurrency industry often sees new, different […]


G20 is about to tax Apple, Facebook globally

The new deal approved by G20 leaders obliges large companies to pay taxes of at least 15% worldwide. Follow BBC, leaders at the G20 summit, including 20 major economies, have reached an agreement to impose tariffs globally with large companies, a tax rate of at least 15%. The agreement was approved on October 31 (US […]


Facebook’s secret blacklist

According to experts, Facebook’s list of dangerous objects is actually the embodiment of US foreign policy. Over the years, Facebook has maintained a list of individuals and organizations it considers dangerous. This secret blacklist is considered a way to help social networks control bad content. However, many experts share with Intercept that Facebook should make […]

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Facebook is going to take this step to protect people from harassment on social media platform

Facebook New Policy: Facebook said on Wednesday that the company would expand its policies against harassment as part of an effort to remove harmful content from its site. Facebook’s statement comes at a time when the company’s former data scientist, Frances Haugen, told Congress last week that the company had not done enough to meet […]


Facebook hits the ‘red line’ in the issue of children using social networks

Facebook’s former chief product officer said the tech company knows its tools pose a risk of exacerbating young people’s eating disorders or suicidal thoughts. Illustration (Source: Reuters.) Facebook’s previous major scandals have barely dented the dominance of the world’s largest social network. However, according to experts, this time the technology giant may have reached the […]