100-year-old man still practicing doctor

AmericaAt the age of 100, Dr. Howard Tucker is still working in the medical industry and has no intention of retiring. Guinness World Records named him the oldest practicing doctor in the world. Tucker recently retired from medical practice, but still teaches residents at St. Vincent in Cleveland, Ohio. He goes to work twice a […]

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Indian-American doctor identifies potential treatment for Kovid-19, discovers cause of inflammation in cells

Washington An Indian-American doctor has discovered a possible strategy or treatment method to prevent fatal damage to the lungs and dysfunction of organs in the lungs of Kovid-19 patients. Dr. Tirumala Devi Kanneganti, born in India and posted as a researcher at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, has been published in the online […]

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Viral: When the newborn child removed the doctor’s mask, the signs of innocence were understood by people as ‘a ray of hope’

Many unique pictures or funny videos often make a place on the Internet and go viral on social media. Recently, the picture of a newborn baby taking off the doctor’s mask caught the attention of the people. The Dubai doctor took to Instagram to share the picture. In the picture, he is holding a newborn […]