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Three initiatives for more inclusion in education

► Télémaque, mentorship opening up new horizons A graduate of a business school, on his way to a master’s degree, Élie Benureau, 21, would probably not have completed this career without the Télémaque association. When in fifth grade his French teacher in a priority education college in Grenoble talks to him about the mentoring program, […]


Jollien and Campan: “The disabled person is ‘almost’ normal”

CROSS-SERVICE – The handicapped philosopher and the actor-director have shot a comedy where they stage their unconditional friendship. What is immediately striking when you meet them is the complicity that unites the philosopher Alexandre Jollien and the actor-director Bernard Campan. While Jollien publishes Carefree Notebooks (Gallimard), an essay for “to free oneself from the tyranny […]

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A draft decree casts doubt on the right to education of children with disabilities

While families have been denouncing for years the difficulties they encounter in finding a school for their disabled child, a draft decree sets fire to the powder. If adopted as it stands, it would indeed create a category of children “impossible” to attend school, in complete reversal with the current approach to disability. → EXPLANATION. […]