How dangerous is Britney Spears’ depression?

Pregnancy depression often manifests as loss of interest, lack of energy, and negative thoughts, occurring throughout pregnancy, and can last up to a year after giving birth. Britney Spears announced on April 12 that she is pregnant with her fiancé Sam Asghari. On her personal page, the 40-year-old singer explained her confusion and anxiety in […]


Change in personality after stroke – VnExpress

People recovering from a stroke often face personality changes such as irritability, aggression, and loss of emotional motivation. After a stroke, in addition to the physical effects, there are significant personality changes. Some cases act “no longer being myself”, surprising themselves and those around them. Depression Depression is a very common personality change that occurs […]


Balcony gardens help Chinese people reduce stress

Balcony gardens help urban Chinese to ensure clean, safe food and relieve stress during the lockdown. The recent strict blockade in China has brought attention to a previously forgotten issue: food security. During the period of self-isolation at home, some people turn their balconies into vegetable gardens, as a form of food supply and improve […]


Warning signs you may be suffering from depression

People with depression often have prolonged insomnia, appetite and weight changes, irritability, and decreased sex drive. Depression is becoming more and more common, leaving certain consequences. Some people with depression may try to hide the signs from others, or they may not even realize that they are depressed. Scientists still don’t know exactly what causes […]

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“There is reason to be discouraged”: between health crisis and school pressure, the malaise of teenagers

In December, the parents of students in a Paris school complex received an alarming email from the headmaster: “The anxiety-provoking context linked to the pandemic and the pressure of the obligation to succeed create real discomfort for some students, he wrote. Parent support (…) and the mobilization of the entire educational community is not always […]