Korea CDC: Omicron causes lower mortality than Delta

Research by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) shows that the risk of severe disease or death after Omicron infection is 75% lower than Delta’s. Scientists analyzed data on about 67,200 cases of the virus since December 2021. They found the severity and mortality after Omicron infection to be 0.38% and 0.18%, […]


Omicron could be ‘natural vaccine’

Research by scientists from South Africa, the US and the UK shows that antibodies produced during Omicron infection can protect people from Delta and other mutations. If there are more works with similar results, experts say the future pandemic scenario will be less dire. Omicron could be the “natural vaccine” against the Delta wave and […]

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Corona virus has started spreading rapidly again in many countries of Asia, Delta variant is believed to be responsible.

Corona virus (Covid-19) infection has started increasing again in the whole of Asia. In countries like Thailand and Malaysia, where there were very few cases of corona earlier, the disease has started spreading rapidly. Corona cases have started increasing in India too. More than 40 thousand cases are coming daily. The Olympic (2020 Summer Olympics) […]