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Presidential 2022: Catholic education delivers a turnkey educational program

This is intended as a contribution to the debate. It is almost a turnkey educational program for candidates. In a document unveiled Tuesday, February 22, Catholic education lists proposals that go well beyond categorical claims and aim to restore momentum to the entire education system. For its general secretary Philippe Delorme, the French school, “one […]


Jean-Louis Fabiani: “Clint Eastwood is the only filmmaker who allows himself a free speech”

INTERVIEW – You can be a sociologist and be interested in cinema. Jean-Louis Fabiani proves it with a fascinating monograph on Clint Eastwood published by Éditions La Découverte. Known for works like Pierre Bourdieu, a heroic structuralism or Sociology of Corsica, Jean-Louis Fabiani works at the Central European University in Vienna. LE FIGARO. – What […]