“Thank you Jean-Pierre”: the moving letter from Valentin Morel, the former driver of Bacri

Son of Fran├žois Morel, Valentin rubbed shoulders with the actor and screenwriter for two years, led him on three shoots and recounts their friendship in The Parisian. We know Fran├žois Morel, the comedian of France Inter and interpreter of Michel Vidal in Black baron. We discover the son, Valentin, author, whose imposing beard and non-existent […]

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Mortar attack in Kabul, death of a civilian, no terrorist organization took responsibility at present

Kabul: Mortar shells were fired in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in the early hours of Saturday, in which at least one civilian was killed and the other injured. Home Ministry spokesman Tariq Ariyan said that two shells were fired in the premises of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. These shells were fired from the northern […]


“The best James Bond of all time”, reactions to the death of Sean Connery

Original James Bond, father of Indiana Jones, unforgettable mentor of Kevin Costner, Christophe Lambert or Christian Slater … Sean Connery will permanently mark the cinema. Unsurprisingly, the news of the Scott’s death aroused great emotion among the public and those who knew him. Of his rich career, his interpretation of Agent 007 will certainly remain […]