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“Mr. President, at 19, I feel like I’m dead”

Tuesday January 12, late morning. Heïdi Soupault has just taken his European Union law exam, remotely, behind his computer screen in his student room. Here it is already necessary to dive back into the revisions of comparative politics, always through the screen. The student, in her second year at Sciences-Po Strasbourg, feels ” truly bad […]


“About him, I have our laughs left”: the death of Jean-Pierre Bacri blues the world of cinema

Jean-Michel Ribes, Philippe Muyl, Gilles Jacob … The disappearance of the actor provoked a concert of emotional reactions from his many friends. He made people laugh by his grumpy expression and his bad temper. Her death will finally have drawn tears. The announcement of the death, at 69, of the actor, screenwriter and theater artist […]


Death in European nursing homes

Two morgue workers push a stretcher with the body in a bag out of the room. The old man in the next bed muttered, “Is he dead?”. He reached out to touch his roommate one last time. Reflecting on the repeated scene, one of the staff members, Manel Rivera, was desperate at the scene of […]


Isolate more than 600 people in areas with diphtheria

Gia LaiAuthorities set up 6 posts, isolated 90 households from more than 600 people in Cho Rang I village, Mang Yang district, after a 9th grade student died of diphtheria. “Students in the village are temporarily absent from school to ensure safety,” said Dinh Ha Nam, deputy director of the Gia Lai Department of Health, […]