Our review of The Chef: a shipwreck in the kitchen

CRITICISM – In a long sequence shot, Philip Barantini films the descent into hell of a London gourmet cook confronted with an apocalyptic gunshot. The eloquent portrait of a cruel environment. Beside The Chef, “Cauchemar en cuisine” could pass for a culinary version of “Chapi Chapo”. Philip Barantini’s feature film, shot in a single shot […]


Order EMCO to save pregnant women with twins

HanoiPregnant woman with twin pregnancy of 29 weeks, critically ill with Covid-19, had to undergo ECMO intervention on the spot, recovered after nearly a month of treatment. 34-year-old woman, treated at Facility 2, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. Upon admission, the patient received comprehensive care from medical staff, taking symptomatic medications, anticoagulants, and antibiotics. On […]

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School media where you can build your critical mind

Missions, the contemporary school has lots of them which over time are added, sometimes at the risk of eclipsing what Jean-Michel Blanquer calls ” The fundamentals “. Among them, there is one which, without directly touching the “reading, writing, counting, respecting others” dear to the Minister, is proving to be the most fundamental. Because it […]

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How to instill critical thinking in students?

The cross : Ten years ago, you launched “intellectual self-defense” workshops for student volunteers. Why this initiative? Sophie Mazet: It started with a light idea at the start. I had discovered an American satirical newspaper playing on false information and offered a game to the students: decipher the false information that I was going to […]