Many localities do not want to receive the Covid vaccine

The Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology noted that many localities have not fully registered the number of Covid-19 vaccinations in May-June, and some provinces have requested not to receive or transfer the allocated vaccine. In a dispatch sent to localities on May 24, the Ministry of Health said that the above situation led to […]


The Ministry of Health requires the completion of vaccination data before April 30

The Ministry of Health requires vaccination facilities to receive and process people’s complaints and complete vaccination data before April 30. In which, complete receiving and handling complaints from people before April 25; complete, standardize data and authenticate with digital signatures before April 30. If the update is not timely, the head of the vaccination facility […]


Warning signs of Covid-19 sequelae

F0 fatigue, insomnia, chest pain, shortness of breath, hair loss, delayed menstruation, a lot of cough, diarrhea … lasting more than two months or more should go to the doctor for treatment, according to experts. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines post-Covid-19 syndrome as generally occurring in people infected for three months, with symptoms present […]


When to check after Covid-19? – VnExpress

People who have recovered from Covid-19 have symptoms of fever, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, prolonged cough, heart rhythm disturbances, digestive problems, etc., need to see a doctor soon. Post-Covid-19 syndrome is a condition that occurs in people who recover within 3 months and whose symptoms persist for at least 2 months, which cannot be explained […]

Life Style

Since the Covid, children spend even more time in front of screens

Repeated confinements, distance school, telework… The health crisis linked to Covid-19 has greatly modified the digital practices of families, as revealed by a study carried out by Ipsos for the National Union of Family Associations (Unaf) and the Observatory of parenthood and digital education (Open) published Monday, February 7 (1). First observation: 44% of parents […]