EU rebuts Biden over claim ‘pandemic is over’

An official at the European Union Medicines Agency (EMA) said the pandemic was not over, contrary to what US President Joe Biden announced two days earlier. “We still believe that the pandemic is spreading in Europe. It is important that Member States prepare vaccines for mass vaccination and modified vaccines to prevent the pathogen from […]


Is it really easy to get Covid-19 again?

Experts say that people who are reinfected with nCoV two or three times can still experience severe symptoms and have a prolonged risk of contracting Covid-19. In the new phase of the pandemic, many people have Covid-19 up to two or three times and consider it normal. Omicron and its contagious subtypes, which contain immune-evading […]


André Dussollier: “I have confidence in the future of cinema”

“I find that French cinema continues to belong to its authors”, emphasizes André Dussollier. THOMAS NIEDERMUELLER/Getty Images via AFP MAINTENANCE – The actor chairs the jury of the fifteenth edition of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival which opens this Tuesday. From the start of the conversation, André Dussollier profusely apologizes for his small delay. “I […]