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President Joe Biden had a sore throat during the press conference, later said – ‘Just a cold’

US President Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden looks ill during a press conference tomorrow. In fact, during the press conference in the White House, Biden’s voice sounded heavy, while he also coughed several times before the reporters’ question. Seeing his ill health, a journalist first asked, “Are you well?” In response to this question, […]


Create an immune barrier for children to prepare for school – VnExpress

Children need to be fully vaccinated to prevent infectious diseases that are easily spread in schools and create “non-specific cross-immunity” against Covid-19. Information was shared by Doctor Truong Huu Khanh – Former Head of the Department of Infection – Neurology, Children’s Hospital 1, Ho Chi Minh City and specialist doctor I Bach Thi Chinh – […]


The world is changing, AI, automation are more applied thanks to Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of AI and automation technologies is increasing rapidly. Most of the companies surveyed are investing heavily in digital transformation. Sharing at FPT Techday, Mr. Marcin Miller – Consulting Director of McKinsey Vietnam said that the Covid-19 pandemic has formed four new trends. First, the workforce has been changing. Statistics […]

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Due to Omicron and Delta Variant of Corona virus, restrictions are being imposed again in many countries.

New Covid Variant: In the midst of increasing cases of infection in Europe from the Delta variant of Kovid-19 and concerns about the Omicron variant, the governments of many countries of the world have started imposing different restrictions and speeding up the vaccination campaign. People over the age of 60 who refuse to receive the […]