More than 28 million vaccinations have been misinformed

A representative of the Information Technology Department, the Ministry of Health on the afternoon of June 3 said that more than 31 million people have been granted Covid vaccine passports; More than 28 million injections were misinformed. A representative of the Information Technology Department assessed that the number of people issued with vaccine passports increased […]


New hope from the spray Covid-19 vaccine – VnExpress

AmericaThe spray Covid-19 vaccines can block the virus as soon as they penetrate the nasal mucosa, effectively protecting users against the risk of infection. The Omicron variant circulating around the world has different properties from previous versions of nCoV. It is most contagious, especially through the upper respiratory tract, from one person’s nose to another’s […]


The effectiveness of the vaccine against the Deltacron variant? – VnExpress

Scientists hope the vaccine can fight Deltacron to a certain extent, having partially worked against previous resistance to mutations. According to Thomas Peacock, a doctoral student at Imperial College London, current vaccines work mainly by inducing an antibody response against the mutated protein of the virus. “In most hybrids, the mutated portion is inherited from […]


What to prepare when your 5-11 year old child gets a Covid vaccine? – VnExpress

Dr. Pham Quang Thai, Head of the Northern Expanded Immunization Office, advises parents to create a comfortable environment for their children before vaccination and to closely monitor them after vaccination. Answer VnExpress On the afternoon of April 1, Thai doctor said that children aged 5-11 do not need to do any special preparation before vaccination. […]

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Corona cases started increasing as soon as the mandatory wearing of masks was abolished in Ireland, so many new cases were found

Cases of corona virus are continuously coming to the fore in the country and the world. Meanwhile, 9,324 new cases of corona have been reported in Ireland, which is a big figure after the country abolished the mandatory mask at the end of February. This information was given by the Irish Department of Health.