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In Chicago, a couple gave a tip of 2 thousand dollars to the restaurant, will be surprised to know the reason

Some restaurants are very special for some couples. Actually, they remind these couples of some beautiful moments they spent there. These couples often visit their favorite restaurant not only for their food and ambience but also to spend a few moments of peace. Often tip is given after spending a good time and eating delicious […]


John David Washington: “I did Malcolm and Marie because I am a great romantic”

INTERVIEW – The star of Tenet changes register and scale with Sam Levinson’s evening and minimalist camera. The opportunity, like the experimental film from Netflix, to talk about love and cinema. John David Washington, symbol of the transformation of cinema in spite of himself. In August, the actor, nominated at the Oscars for BlacKkKlansman by […]

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Alone when we are two

It’s hard to be alone when there are two of you. Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott evoked the capacity to be alone in the presence of the other. This is not a figure of speech, because being in a relationship is also learning to be alone. One expects from the other, and the spouse never fully responds […]

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The dangers of desire

Sexual desire is fascinating and disturbing. Worrisome because it is not controllable. It appears and disappears, elusive. Conflicting couples can continue to desire each other physically. On the contrary, you can love your partner deeply, not have conflicts with him, project yourself into the future, and no longer feel desire for him. → CHRONICLE. The […]

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Women and men, their vision of consent

“It was healthy to have this debate between us” Aurore, 38, costume designer in Marseille “It’s easier to say no than when I was 20. Yet it happened to me, not long ago, to be confronted with the embarrassing insistence of my partner. We had been together for several months. One evening, he was urgent […]