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Covid-19 vaccine: Russia’s growing steps on vaccine manufacture, the first country to approve third vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine: Russia has approved the third Kovid-19 vaccine for domestic use. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced this on government television on Thursday. However, large-scale human trials of the Kovivac vaccine made by the Chumakov Center have not yet begun. Russia approves third Kovid-19 vaccine The Kovivac vaccine against the Corona virus has been created […]

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Vaccine given to 9 lakh 16 thousand soldiers in America so far, this week the number will cross 10 lakh

Washington: Pentagon officials, the headquarters of the US Ministry of Defense, have said that about a third of American soldiers are refusing to apply the Kovid-19 vaccine. Major General Jeff Tallefero has revealed this during a hearing in Congress. He said that the Federal Drug Administration has not yet received full approval for the introduction […]

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Why has the health protocol become more flexible in schools in the face of the English variant?

Tracked with concern by the health authorities, the British variant no longer benefits from special treatment in schools. Since 1er February, a confirmed case of the mutation resulted in the immediate closure of the classroom, when three virus diagnoses “General” imposed the same decision – with the exception of kindergarten, where the ax fell from […]

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Three days lockdown implemented in Auckland, New Zealand government decides after new corona virus case

A three-day lockdown has been imposed in New Zealand’s Auckland city after new corona virus cases surfaced. This lockdown will come into effect from Sunday night. New Zealand PM Jasinda Ardern has taken this decision after a meeting with important cabinet members. Ardern has said that it is important to be vigilant until completely correct […]

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Britain’s top scientist claims, Corona’s ‘Cant’ variant will capture the whole world, the competition will last for a decade

The new form of Corona virus, first found in Britain’s ‘Kent’ region, has become a matter of concern as the effects of the Kovid-19 vaccine designed to protect against the corona epidemic may fade. This is the claim of UK Genetic Surveillance Program Chief Sharon Peacock. They believe that this Kent variant of Corona has […]