5 concepts in the old fashion

After giving birth, pregnant women have to warm with coal, apply hot compresses, abstain from walking, take baths, do not eat sour … is a concept today considered outdated. Midwifery Bachelor Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh, Department of Obstetrics, Thu Duc District Hospital, said, giving birth is a very difficult period for women. At this time, […]


Lemercier defends Aline’s postponement: “It’s a film that is important to see in theaters, on a large scale, like Celine’s concerts”

Postponed for the first time because of the health crisis, the release of the film on the life of Celine Dion is postponed sine die. In Aline, Valérie Lemercier embodies Celine Dion from her 7 to 50 years. BERTRAND LANGLOIS / AFP The festival of film reports continues. After the big American productions, it is […]