What to do with post-Covid anxiety disorder? – VnExpress

Work-life balance, building a reasonable sleep schedule, and seeking professional help from psychologists and psychiatrists are ways to reduce post-Covid stress. Anxiety is one of the typical manifestations of prolonged Covid syndrome, seriously affecting the health and life of sufferers. According to doctors from the Department of Rehabilitation Engineering, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho […]


Psychological disorders during the pandemic

Ho Chi Minh CityThe restaurant chain – karaoke had to suspend indefinitely, lost revenue for nearly two years, Ms. Nga, 60 years old, was always in anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Before the pandemic broke out, the job of running a restaurant and karaoke chain brought Ms. Nga a very good source of income. However, the […]

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Catholic schools outside contract affected by the law against “separatism”

Among other measures against “separatism”, the bill reinforcing republican principles, expected in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, December 9, was to prohibit, with some exceptions, home education and more strictly supervise the out of contract. With a flagship provision: the possibility of administratively closing an establishment out of contract with serious and repeated breaches. […]