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Increased risk of corona in Shanghai, China, food shortage amid strict lockdown

Kovid-19 is taking serious form in Shanghai. A record 23,600 new cases were reported in the city on Saturday. At the same time, the US has allowed non-essential workers and their families to leave their consulate in the city. Meanwhile, Shanghai’s vice-mayor acknowledged shortcomings in the city’s handling of its COVID-19 outbreak. Deputy Mayor Zong […]


The disease ‘social phobia’ of young Chinese

ChinaMany teenagers are afraid to meet and communicate with people around them, and spend a lot of time chatting online because of the “social phobia”. In recent weeks, Chinese social media has spread the question: “If you were about to be bitten by a tiger, would you call for help?”. The most common user response […]

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China Plane Crash: Explosive material not found near plane crash, second black box discovered

China Plane Crash: None of the explosive components were found at the crash site of China’s Eastern Airlines passenger plane. This information was given by an official in a press conference. Zheng Xi, head of the Guangxi Xuang Autonomous Region’s fire department, said on Saturday that a physics and chemistry laboratory of public security officials […]

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After all, after the plane crash, why did the airline company make its website black and white?

A China Eastern plane carrying 132 people crashed in southern China on Monday. Aviation officials say the number of casualties is currently unknown. After the accident, China Eastern Airlines has made its website black and white. There was no immediate response from China Eastern when it was contacted, according to news agency AFP. The airline […]


How ‘plowing view’ technology has been raised to new heights by ‘Chinese magicians’

Not only diverse in platforms, customers who buy views now have more detailed options such as editing comments, posing as buyers, sending messages in batches… If you’ve ever been “roaming” on social networks, surely you are no longer surprised when you come across public influencers (KOLs) with millions of followers, but only receive a few […]