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On the India-China border dispute, the United Nations said- we hope that tension will come down through negotiations

In the recent clash between the soldiers of India and China on the border of Sikkim, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutareras expressed the hope that the tension between the two countries will be reduced through dialogue. A spokesperson gave this information. Explain that there was a clash between India and Chinese soldiers in the high-altitude Naku […]


Chinese telecommunications ‘exploration’ of President Biden on the first day of office

21/01/2021 16:14 GMT + 7 The three largest Chinese carriers simultaneously asked the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to reverse the delisting decision on the first day Mr. Joe Biden took office as US President. The move shows that Chinese state-owned carriers are looking to probe how the Biden administration’s policies are compared to their […]

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China said the news of building a village in Arunachal was ‘normal’, said- Construction done in its own area

China’s Foreign Ministry said here on Thursday that China’s development and construction activities “in its own territory” are beyond normal and beyond blame. The ministry said this in response to the news of a new Chinese village in Arunachal Pradesh. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a media briefing in response to a […]

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Jack Ma, seen after missing for several months, was missing worldwide

Alibaba and Ant Group co-founder Chinese industrialist Jack Ma have appeared in public after months of speculation, including an investigation into their internet empire. China’s most famous entrepreneur addressed teachers in an online conference on Wednesday. This program is part of an annual event related to the achievements of rural education, which takes place every […]