Japan develops device to prevent children from being left in cars

Photo Illustration. (Source: Japanese tech companies are racing to launch products that could help end recent summer incidents involving children being left behind in vehicles. dangerous hot weather. Cybernetech, an electronics development company based in Nogata, Fukuoka Prefecture, is designing a system that can detect children left behind in vehicles through built-in sensors, determining […]

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Minister claims – Imran Khan took a government car worth Rs 15 crore with him as soon as he went to power

Islamabad: Pakistan’s Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb has claimed that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has kept a luxurious car worth 150 million Pakistani rupees after he was removed from office through a no-confidence motion last month. Maryam said on Sunday, “Khan took a BMW X5 car with him which is one of the fleet of […]