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Books to read alone from kindergarten

Teach children to read in kindergarten. The idea is attracting more and more parents and teachers who approve of the learning methods offered in bookstores. Launched in June, Céline Alvarez’s (1) “Les lectures naturelle” collection is made up of magnetic letters, picture books and books. “To read only” from 3 years old. → READ. How […]


Jean-Louis Fabiani: “Clint Eastwood is the only filmmaker who allows himself a free speech”

INTERVIEW – You can be a sociologist and be interested in cinema. Jean-Louis Fabiani proves it with a fascinating monograph on Clint Eastwood published by Éditions La Découverte. Known for works like Pierre Bourdieu, a heroic structuralism or Sociology of Corsica, Jean-Louis Fabiani works at the Central European University in Vienna. LE FIGARO. – What […]

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The beautiful vitality of baby books

Imagine a fabric book in the shape of a pig which, once taken out of its case, unfolds to reveal the famous rhyme (A little pig hanging from the ceiling). Or a charming bee, connected by a thread, which the child browses from page to page, to discover the surprises of the garden. “Everything becomes […]