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“My brother has regained his place of eldest”

“Samuel is three years older than me. Without resembling each other physically, we were like twins, almost fusional. We shared the same room, the same devouring passions like football. As a child, I was unaware of his handicap, autism, diagnosed when he was 9 years old. With his atypical, repetitive gestures, my big brother denoted […]


Detecting autism through the retina

Hong KongResearchers use cameras and computer technology to analyze the retina to diagnose the risk of autism in children. According to Professor Benny Zee Chung-ying, lead researcher and director of the Center for Clinical Research and Biological Statistics at the University of Hong Kong, China, this measure can be implemented quickly, without invasive intervention. . […]

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Autism: what has changed over the past two years

What has changed on the autism front in two years? What are the notable advances since the launch in 2018 of the new national autism strategy? This is what presented, Monday, September 28, Sophie Cluzel, Secretary of State for disabled people, and Claire Compagnon, interministerial delegate for this file. A 72-page document in the form […]