To see French films, take a flight to… Australia

The 32nd edition of the French film festival opened Tuesday evening in Sydney. You can see, among other things, Aline and Eiffel in world premiere. Sydney Deconfining culture is the call that some twenty professionals in the sector have just launched to Emmanuel Macron. In Australia, much less tormented than France by the coronavirus pandemic, […]


Multinational battle over news rights with Google, Facebook

After Facebook’s war with the media and the Australian government, many countries have voiced their willingness to impose rules to ensure the interests of publishers. The fact that the social networking giant (MXH) blocked the media in Australia has sparked a long-smoldering war. But is Facebook’s recent compromise with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s administration enough […]

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Facebook announced the resumption of news service in Australia, said- no differences now

Melbourne: Social media giant Facebook has announced the resumption of its news service in Australia. Facebook has entered into a revised agreement with the Government of Australia on the ‘Media Bargaining’ Act related to the news distribution deal of news media establishments. This law relates to technology companies paying for news content. Alert was also […]


Australians called for a boycott of Facebook

20/02/2021 10:44 GMT + 7 Facebook’s actions were divided across Australia, some indifferent, while others angered. Keyword #deletefacebook has reached the top of Twitter trending here. Australians called for a boycott of Facebook. Artwork: Internet On February 18, Facebook announced that Australian users could no longer keep up with the news on the platform. Foreign […]


Facebook will bear heavy consequences after the “retaliation” of Australian media

After Australia’s first Internet-based news bill, the social media giant blocked the country’s media, angering local authorities and the legislature. With the move “self-defense”, Facebook has suddenly blocked Australian media to deal with potential troubles caused by this targeted bill. However, Facebook’s actions have attracted more accusations from the public about Internet monopoly. On February […]


Facebook was threatened with a boycott following its decision to ban Australian users from sharing news

02/18/2021 12:57 GMT + 7 Facebook’s decision to ban Australian users from viewing and sharing news has caused global shock. On the morning of February 18, Australians woke up with more shocking news: Facebook banned all news on its platform from Australian citizens. The social network’s shocking decision is in response to the country’s Media […]

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Facebook’s big decision – ban on viewing and sharing news in Australia after a dispute over media law

Facebook Australia: The famous social site Facebook has banned the viewing and sharing of news in Australia. Facebook is in conflict with the government over Australia’s media law. The matter has increased so much that Facebook has also blocked its own page in Australia. Facebook’s move has also affected emergency services in Australia. The law […]


Microsoft hopes to secure Google in Australia

Microsoft is hoping to expand its market share in Australia after Google warned it would stop its search service in Australia if the government passed a bill that forced technology companies to pay for news content to the press. Artwork: The Sociable In a statement released on February 3, Microsoft President Brad Smith affirmed his […]