Can drinking alcohol ‘kill’ nCoV? – VnExpress

Alcohol ingredients, but the alcohol concentration must be from 60 to 70 degrees or more to disinfect surfaces, on the skin; so drinking alcohol does not kill the virus. “It is not possible to drink alcohol or suck on alcohol to disinfect or eliminate viruses because after infection, nCoV has penetrated into the body’s cells,” […]


Should alcohol be cured with drugs?

There are three pathways of alcohol metabolism in the human body: in the liver, through sweat glands in the skin, and through the respiratory system. Of which, about 90% is metabolized through the enzyme system of the liver by two main enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase. These two types of yeast help alcohol to […]


Eating the wrong way makes men’s physiology weak

Alcohol, canned food, greasy food… a lot of use on New Year’s Day can harm men’s physiological health. Alcohol According to Dr. Vu Duc Cong (Men’s Health Center), consuming alcoholic beverages in moderation improves blood circulation and improves heart health. Drinking large amounts in a short time can have harmful effects on general health such […]


Mads Mikkelsen: with Drunk, “Thomas Vinterberg wanted to provoke an electroshock”

INTERVIEW – The Danish director has offered his compatriot the role of a worn-out fifty-something history teacher who decides to live daily with 0.5 grams of alcohol in his blood. Mads Mikkelsen, here in “Drunk”: “There are so many beautiful situations in life where, after having had a drink, everything seems perfect! Beyond a certain […]