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Symptoms of Omicron variant ‘super mild’, death toll not jump

Good News for South Africa: The World Health Organization (WHO) and corona experts are constantly emphasizing that the new variant of Kovid-19 is ‘super mild’ and due to this the death toll has not increased anywhere in South Africa. WHO has told other countries that this variant is not fatal like Delta. In such a situation, countries should withdraw the restrictions imposed on African countries. It has also been said by WHO that it is also a fact that hospitalization or deaths due to Omicron variants have not been reported.

According to hospitals and doctors in southern Africa, most patients have experienced only severe headache, dizziness and high pulse rate. The new variant of Corona has created fear all over the world. Due to this, dozens of countries have imposed travel ban on the countries of Africa. People coming from African countries in UK, US, EU, Israel, Australia and Japan are facing high surveillance. Cases of new Kovid variants have been found in countries like Germany, Italy, Cape Republic, Israel and India.

travel ban is not right

According to the South African Medical Association, this is not medically correct. According to the doctor of the association, we are looking at the mild symptoms of the new strain and studying them. When we have not seen serious patients due to strain, then there is no need to panic all of a sudden.

South Africa’s health minister claims

South African Health Minister Joe Fala has said that all the patients of Omicron variant that doctors have seen in South Africa have very mild symptoms. Most of the patients who have shown symptoms are young. There has been no complaint of any kind of smell or test going in them.

Travel ban not our recommendation

At the same time, WHO has said that even after mild symptoms, the ban on Africa is extreme. Dr Catherine Smallwood, senior emergency officer at the WHO’s regional office for Europe, said such interventions are not sustainable. Such measures are not included in our recommendations.

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