Symptoms and treatment of back pain due to disc herniation

Pain, numbness in the back, spreading to the legs are signs of a herniated disc; it can be treated with chiropractic to help eliminate compression-induced deviations.

Disc herniation is one of the common musculoskeletal and spine diseases that affect the daily life of the patient. If not treated in time, the disease can cause dangerous complications such as muscle atrophy, motor paralysis …

Causes and symptoms

The spine has a structure of disc between two vertebrae. The disc contains mucus that connects the two bones to help reduce the shock when the spine moves. Poor living habits can cause discs to slowly degenerate and tend to bulge. The bulging disc portion over time if left untreated begins to progress, disrupting the mucous nucleus and compressing the nerve causing a herniated disc. Depending on which part of the nerve is pinched, the disease can cause pain in different locations and symptoms.

Symptoms, such as lumbar pain, may occur on one or both sides; lumbar numbness, spreading to the legs due to the pinched nerve roots in the back for a long time.

According to Dr. Aubrey Gail, specialist of Chiropractic from ACC clinic (Hanoi), patients should be careful with symptoms of numbness but not pain. Numbness is a more serious symptom than pain. Because it does not cause as much discomfort as pain, many people easily subjective, despise and do not go to the doctor for treatment early.

How to diagnose

There are many ways used in combination to diagnose lumbar disc herniations, primarily through diagnostic imaging, X-ray film and MRI but most importantly, magnetic resonance film. Next, the doctor needs to know the medical history, the patient feels pain spreading from the back to the vacuum, because the numbness spreading to the legs is a typical symptom of disc problems. Then, when looking at the magnetic resonance imaging film, the doctor can see if the disc is compressing the nerve or not.

A number of clinical tests such as range and reflex tests and orthopedic trauma tests can be used by your doctor to diagnose the condition.

Magnetic resonance film demonstrates disc herniation. Image: ACC provided.


According to Dr. Aubrey Gail, there are many ways to treat lumbar disc herniation. Chiropractic Chiropractic Chiropractic is one of the methods of curing lumbar spinal disc herniation for positive transformation.

Dr. Aubrey Gail explained, the spinal nervous system is the most complete and important nervous system because it consists of many nerves throughout the body. This nervous system begins at the lower vertebrae and ends at the bones of each person. When the herniation process occurs, causing compression to the nerve pathways, the conduction signals will be disrupted and develop symptoms of pain, numbness or even loss of sensation in parts with relate to.

Based on this principle, chiropractors will act to correct the vertebral joint, eliminate compression deflection on the joint and restore flexible motor functions of the spinal joint. Thereby, aiding the release of the compression on the disc and nerve.

“Studies in the US, Europe have proven that chiropractic is one of the methods to help root spinal pain without medication or surgery,” said Dr. Aubrey Gail.

At the ACC clinic, the chiropractors also apply parallel high-tech therapeutic techniques from the US to assist during the treatment process such as shock wave machine to help release muscle points. spasticity and congestion, IV Generation Laser device aids in reducing swelling and pain, eliminating inflammation from deep in joint areas. DTS pressure relief stretching machine reduces internal disc pressure under mechanical action.

Dr. Aubrey Gail performed spinal manipulation procedures for the patient.  Photo: Tea Mi.

Dr. Aubrey Gail performed spinal manipulation procedures for the patient. Image: Tea Mi.

Some patients complain that the pain returns even with treatment. Dr. Aubrey Gail said the disease can be cured, but if the patient continues to sit for hours, every day and does not change their living habits, lifestyle, and exercise, they will recur, even if they have surgically removed the part of the herniated disc. A herniation may occur at the site of the surgical disc itself or lead to a herniated disc in other vertebrae.

Spinal disc herniation can cause dangerous complications such as the risk of lifelong paralysis if not detected and treated in time. Dr. Aubrey advised people not to subjectively ignore the symptoms, the onset stage is also the “golden” stage for effective treatment interventions.

Kim Uyen

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