Sweden declared to be free from the pandemic

Sweden almost eliminated all restrictions on epidemic prevention on February 9, stopping most Covid-19 testing because it thought the pandemic was over.

However, some experts recommend that the government of this country should be more cautious because the pressure on the health system is still great. During the pandemic, the country did not implement the blockade method, supporting people to voluntarily implement anti-epidemic forms. Last week, the government announced the removal of the remaining restrictions because the vaccine and the Omicron strain reduced severe infections and deaths.

Health Minister Lena Hallengren said: “From what I know about the pandemic, I can say that it is over. It has not ended completely, but we will quickly adjust the precautions.” She believes that Covid-19 is no longer a danger to society.

From February 8, bars and restaurants are allowed to open until after 11pm, with no limit on the number of guests. Restrictions on indoor events and immunization green cards have also been lifted.

However, Swedish hospitals are still under pressure to admit about 2,200 people with Covid-19, equivalent to a third outbreak in spring 2021.

The last PCR test kit was collected in the city of Malmoe, Sweden, on 8/2. Photo: Reuters


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