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Sweden: A few hours after becoming the first female PM of Sweden, she left the chair, know how it happened

Sweden First Female PM Resign: Magdalena Andersen had to resign a few hours after being elected Prime Minister of Sweden due to a budget proposal falling in the parliament. He resigned from his post on Wednesday. Along with this, the ally The Greens also withdrew support to the government.

What did Anderson say on the resignation?
“It’s a question of honor for me, but I don’t want to lead a government whose legitimacy can be questioned,” Anderson told reporters. Andersen has told parliament speaker Andreas Norlen that he is still keen to lead a “social democratic” one-party government.

But, he said that if one party withdraws support to the government, then the coalition government should resign. Andreas Norlen, the speaker of Sweden’s 349-seat parliament, said he had received Andersen’s resignation and would speak to party leaders to discuss the situation.

How did Anderson become PM?
In Sweden’s 349-member parliament, 117 members voted in favor of Andersen while 174 voted against. In such a situation, according to the Swedish constitution, if 175 MPs are not against a candidate, then he can be appointed as the Prime Minister. That’s why he was made the Prime Minister.

Let us inform that Mengdalen was made Prime Minister in place of Stefan Lofven as Lofven resigned from the post of Prime Minister earlier this year. However, he was currently handling the responsibility of the caretaker prime minister. At the same time, Anderson was the Finance Minister before being made the Prime Minister.

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