Suspended by Canal + for his support for Sébastien Thoen, Stéphane Guy was fired

After Sébastien Thoen, it is Stéphane Guy’s turn to be asked to take the door. According to the information of the journalist of France Bleu Armorique François Rauzy – information confirmed internally with our colleagues of “So Foot” – the commentator was dismissed for “disloyalty” to his channel. He will have spent more than 20 years at Canal +.

On December 9, Stéphane Guy had been laid off for paying a live tribute to his colleague Sébastien Thoen, dismissed at the end of November for showing up with a person who “Constantly denigrates” the chain teams and have “Legitimized” his comments.

Before a match he was commenting on on Canal +, Stéphane Guy had launched: “I want to salute my friend Sébastien Thoen who did not have the exit he would have deserved, on wish him good luck ”, then he quoted Coluche, “One of the founders of our beautiful chain. You have to be wary of comedians because sometimes they say things as a joke. “

This “Taking hostage of the antenna” did not please the management, especially since it arrived at the wrong time. The day before, the Society of Journalists (SDJ) had just sent a press release to Canal + : “We, employees of the Canal + sports department, and / or journalists from the Canal + editorial staff, are outraged against this eviction. ”

“The signatories of this press release are committed to freedom of expression, caricature and parody, for all employees of the group, within the limits set by law. We claim the right to exercise our professions without fear of being dismissed, dismissed, worried if what we say, write, displeases our management. “

Stéphane Guy was not one of the 150 signatories. He had preferred to make his disagreement heard live, at the microphone of Canal +.

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