Surgery to remove tumors for pregnant women

HanoiA 25-year-old woman from Bac Giang, more than 20 weeks pregnant, has a large left ovarian cyst with background disease, so she has to undergo surgery.

The woman said she had found an ovarian cyst a year ago, with no treatment. When she became pregnant, she found that her left abdomen was larger than the right, and she could not detect any abnormalities.

By the 16th week of pregnancy, she examined at Hanoi Obstetrics Hospital, the doctor diagnosed a large tumor in the left ovary. The results of magnetic resonance imaging showed that the left ovary appeared mass of lobed-walled cystic structure, size 134x93x68 mm, inside containing fluid.

Doctor Le Thi Anh Dao, Head of Gynecology A5, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, on the afternoon of February 9, said that large tumors affect the fetus, meanwhile, pregnant women with hepatitis B and liver enzymes are very high. Therefore, physicians appoint stable treatment for hepatitis B for tumor intervention.

Usually, tumors can be intervened during pregnancy from 12 to 15 weeks. But pregnant women are 20 weeks pregnant, ovaries are pushed up very high, difficult to operate. If surgery is not good, pregnant women are susceptible to miscarriage and infection after surgery.

However, the doctor still performed surgery on February 5. The patient’s health is stable, being discharged on the afternoon of February 8.

Dr Dao recommends maintaining a gynecological examination every 6 months for a safe pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy. Pregnant women also need to pay attention to periodical examination according to the doctor’s appointment to promptly detect abnormalities.

The doctor examined the pregnant woman after surgery. Photo provided by the hospital.



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