Surgery to look like an idol, the girl has chin necrosis

HanoiFascinated by the V-line chin of an actress, the 20-year-old girl injected filler into her chin to look like an idol, but had complications and had to be hospitalized for treatment.

This case was shared by Doctor Nguyen Hong Son, Head of Plastic Surgery Department, Central Hospital of Dermatology. National Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology 5th, July 23rd.

Accordingly, after injecting filler at a spa, the girl’s chin was deviated, the injection area showed signs of necrosis, lumpy lumps. The doctor determined that the amount of filler injected was too much, exceeding the allowed indications, causing the above complications.

At the Central Hospital of Dermatology, patients are “fired” by dredging the damaged areas. After the operation, the girl had to accept the scar across the chin, especially the injection area had fibrosis, so it was difficult to have the opportunity to beautify the chin area again.

According to Dr. Son, this is just one of hundreds of cosmetic cases with severe complications such as embolism and blindness entering this unit for treatment.

“They choose to beautify at small establishments outside, when there are complications, they will go to the hospital to deal with the consequences,” said Dr. Son, citing a recent case of a 16-year-old female student (from her hometown). Bac Kan) was blind in his right eye due to filler injections at a friend’s spa.

Immediately after the injection, the girl appeared to have a headache, sore eyes, took painkillers and subjectively did not go to the doctor. A day later, her vision blurred, but due to being too late to the hospital, the patient’s right eye could not recover vision.

A patient listens to advice on filler injection at the Central Hospital of Dermatology. Image: Le Nga.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Huu Doanh, Deputy Director of the National Hospital of Dermatology, said that cosmetic complications are often caused by the use of products of unknown origin, not using the right time (such as using products containing corticosteroids). prolonged), medical staff are not properly trained; Many establishments operate without permission. There are even facilities that do not recognize the signs of accidents, so they do not properly assess the risks and handle them in the wrong way. This causes patients to miss the golden time for emergency care, leaving many serious sequelae, even death.

“With interventions such as improper filler injections, it also leads to deviations of positions in the face, more seriously, it can cause blindness because filler causes blood vessel blockage…”, Dr. Doanh said, adding that the Filler treatment requires the operator to be a trained doctor, mastering the anatomical structure of the face, especially the complex vascular system underneath.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong, Director of the Central Hospital of Dermatology, assessed that the demand for beauty has been increasing rapidly in recent years. However, the appearance of many “hands-on doctors”, even spa staff also do cosmetology, beauty facilities sprang up rampantly, advertising tricks, causing the rate of patients to have accidents to increase. .

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