Surface Pro 7 opened for sale in Vietnam genuine

This is the first time that the Microsoft Surface Pro has reached Vietnamese users as genuine products after nearly 9 years of launch.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has just officially opened for sale in the Vietnamese market. This is a hybrid tablet computer and one of the rare hardware products produced by Microsoft.

In the eyes of technology, Microsoft Surface is considered as a device with a powerful configuration but with an extremely compact, crystal design. Popular in many parts of the world, but quite regrettable because this series has not been widely distributed in the Vietnamese market.

Surface Pro 7 opened for sale in Vietnam genuine. Photo: Trong Dat

According to the representative of retailer FPT Shop, the cause of this situation is because in the first generation of products, the Surface Pro is not really complete in terms of hardware. Besides, due to being a hybrid product line, it is difficult for distributors to accurately assess the needs of users.

To the Surface Pro 7, this product line is increasingly showing its perfection. In addition, due to realizing the huge demand of the market for this product line, FPT Shop decided to pioneer in the genuine distribution of Surface Pro 7 in the Vietnamese market.

Surface Pro 7 opened for sale in Vietnam genuine
Users experience the Surface Pro 7 has just been opened for sale. Photo: Trong Dat

Surface Pro 7 will be sold in Vietnam with 3 versions including Intel Core i5 CPU / 128GB SSD hard drive (price 24.99 million VND), Intel Core i5 CPU / 256GB SSD hard drive (price 29.49 million VND) and Intel Core i7 CPU / 256GB SSD hard drive (priced at 39.99 million VND). Users can choose to buy a keyboard included in the box (with 2 versions of Intel Core i5 CPU) or buy a separate keyboard to use.

Surface Pro 7 comes with a 1-for-1-year warranty. Accordingly, all genuine Surface Pro 7 machines, if they encounter any manufacturer error and are covered by the warranty, will be exchanged for a new machine.

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