Surf the web, call “drop gas” with C120 of MobiFone

The new C120 package for prepaid subscribers of MobiFone offers customers attractive incentives in terms of data and voice minutes.

C120 – “gold” in data time

According to the report “Vietnam Digital Advertising Market 2019” released by Adsota Advertising Company in late February 2020, Vietnam ranks 14th in the top 15 countries with the highest number of smartphone users in the world with 43 7 million users. Notably, according to Adsota, Vietnamese people mainly access the Internet through mobile tools, especially smartphones, while using a personal computer (PC) to participate and the online world only accounts for about 30%.

The above figures show that using mobile phones to surf the Internet has become a daily routine of every person, this leads to an increasing demand for “spending” data. More and more people have a need to surf the web, use social networks, entertain, listen to music, watch movies, video calls … more than listen to normal calls. One of the worries of many smartphone users is running out of data, or slow data speeds.

Catching the trend and to best meet the needs of customers, MobiFone offers the C120 combo package. With this package, subscribers will receive great deals with 4GB of high speed per day. In addition, there are incentives for both on-net and off-net calls, helping the carrier’s C120 package attract a large number of users.

According to representatives of MobiFone, to register the package, users only have to simple operation by composing the syntax DV8 C120 and sending to 9084, the condition for successful registration is that the account is more than 120,000 VND with prepaid subscribers. Meanwhile, for postpaid subscribers, the package price will be paid along with the monthly bill.

Surf the web, call

Meet the need to connect with 4,000 VND / day

Meeting the needs of connection, the C120 package attracts more and more users. According to MobiFone, when successfully registering the C120 package with the syntax DV8 C120 and sending to 9084, customers will receive 4GB of high-speed data every day, comfortably used to work, study and connect with friends.

In addition, only with the price of 4,000 VND / day for the C120 package, customers can also make free on-net calls up to 1,000 minutes / day (less than 20 minutes / call, if more than 20 minutes, the fee will be calculated from the 21st minute and later), an additional 50 minutes of inter-network in 30 days. Not only that, C120 also gives free 1GB to help customers comfortably use viber, ifix, nct, tiktok (1GB / application) applications.

According to MobiFone, with the promotion of the preferential capacity to 4GB / day this time, free 1GB of data for free access to many entertainment applications and preferential number of minutes to call, MobiFone accepts to cut the revenue to support products for customers, accompanying the community to overcome difficulties between the Covid-19 epidemic. When the incentive of 4GB data expires, the network operator will automatically disconnect. Customers can buy additional 4G MobiFone to continue accessing high-speed internet. Therefore, the C120 package has created a highlight of the mobile telecommunications market in recent years.

Surf the web, call

Customers can subscribe to the C120 package without going to a transaction point to call freely, surf the internet anytime, anywhere. This is one of the practical actions of MobiFone to minimize social contact and help prevent Covid-19 epidemic.

MobiFone’s C120 package has the feature of auto-renewal after each cycle. During use, customers can use the following syntax to get support: Write KT ALL to 999 to check remaining offers.

As a promotional package, the promotion from C120 Mobifone is not popularly applicable to all users. Only new developed subscribers from 2019 are eligible to join this attractive program from Mobifone. Customers can actively call the 9090 switchboard to get help from staff.

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