‘Super worm moon’ contributes to the rescue of the ship stuck in Suez

Phenomenon “Super moon worms” cause high tide, contribute to rescue ship Ever Given.

According to the Bloomberg, on the morning of March 29, to 11:30 (local time), the ship Ever Given was floating on the water. “Thank God the ship is already floating,” exclaimed one person in a video shared online.

Along with human efforts, the king tidal natural phenomenon created by “Super Moon Worms” contributed to the rescue Ever Given.

“Jammed by the wind, escaped by the moon”

The close distance between the Moon and Earth is responsible for the monarch tide that began on the evening of March 28 across Earth. Due to being at the closest point to Earth at a distance of 356,508 km, the Moon exerts great pressure on the oceans on the planet, creating tides that are higher than normal. That phenomenon is called king tide.

The ship’s rescue officials said moon phase activity caused high tide levels to be included in the original plan.

According to Peter Berdowski, CEO of Boskalis, a rescue company hired to rescue Ever Given, the rescue strategy is a combination of three factors: a heavy tugboat, a dredger and a high tide.

Fashionable cormorants in the final stage Suez brother 1

“Super moon worms” took place in Egypt in March 2020. Photo: Siwa Live.

According to the Time and DateAt 20:48 pm on March 28 in Egypt was the time when the Moon reached the highest fullness. This means that this is the time when the water levels in the Suez Canal are at their highest.

After Ever Given floated above the water, Suez Canal Authority President said higher-than-normal tides helped the ship move more than 20 meters.

It is impossible not to mention the human efforts in rescuing Ever Given, especially since the rescue team has released 27,000 cubic meters of soil and sand clinging to the sides of the ship, the depth of excavation is more than 18 m. In addition, 10 ships took part in the rescue operation.

However, the bow of the ship is still stuck, and rescue teams are doing their best to free the bow. “Pulling the stern is easy, but the biggest challenge is the bow,” said Peter Berdowski, CEO Boskalis Westminster, the parent company of the rescue unit.

Even after the ship’s rescue operations team said it was unclear how long it would take to fully reopen the canal, even after the Ever Given had moved.

What is “Super Moon Worms”?

According to the Earth Sky, the dark supermoon of March 28 is called “Super Moon Worms”. In Vietnam, people who love astronomy also have the opportunity to observe this phenomenon.

The name “Super Moon Worms” comes from the Native American Indians. If the full moon in January is called “Wolf Moon” – associated with the howl at night, “Worm Moon” is when the ground begins to soften for the worms to develop. In addition, this is also the name of the earthworm that usually appears at the time of melting.

“Worm moon” has some other names such as “sugar moon”, “Lenten moon”, “strawberry moon” …

Fashionable curl worms in the final stage Suez brother 2

King tide caused flooding in Boston, USA in 2017. Photo: The Boston Globe.

Despite a great contribution in the rescue of Ever Given, the supermoon tides also cause the coastal authorities to closely monitor the activity of the water level to prevent flooding.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, along with Arctic ice melting and rising sea levels around the world, supermoon events have been devastating in the past.

In coastal areas of the United States, especially southern Florida, monarch tides occur once or twice a year, flooding low areas.

According to the Zing / ABC, WSJ

Image of cargo ships crowded around the Cape of Good Hope

Satellite images showed that hundreds of ships were stuck at both ends of the Suez Canal, considering an expensive alternative to bypass the Cape of Good Hope.


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