Super saving international voice calls with Global Saving package from MobiFone

With MobiFone’s Global Saving (VoIP 1313) package, when making international voice calls, mobile service users can save a large amount of money compared to many normal rates.

Inconveniences of international communication

During the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for international communication skyrocketed, using private services to connect and exchange work increased. Many people use OTT apps for fast, convenient and free connection. However, for those who often work with foreign partners, security and stable transmission are the top factors. Sometimes, OTT apps are not the right solution.

Ms. Van Anh (32 years old, a marketing specialist at a foreign-invested company) said: “I often use the OTT application to communicate with the management board abroad about communication campaigns, operability… However, the quality is not stable, sometimes the connection is lost or flickered, making the story unclear and unambiguous, and the opponent misinterprets the idea”.

Anh Tien – an entrepreneur in Hanoi shared “The use of OTT applications, although free, is sometimes unstable in quality, causing the story to go astray, especially when communicating with partners in other countries. outside. I am willing to pay a fee to get better, more stable services. Besides, today, using smartphones to call OTT can be eavesdropped, greatly affecting work.”

For families with relatives living and working abroad, keeping in touch is essential, in the context of complicated developments of Covid-19. Lien (Ba Vi) was bought as a gift by her son who is working in Taiwan and guided to use OTT applications to save costs when communicating. However, because she is not familiar with technology, many times she encounters unpleasant situations such as: not knowing how to connect to the network or register to use 4G network, sometimes crashes, loses connection in the middle, echoes …

“Really at an old age, I can’t use a smartphone, typing with difficult operations, don’t know how to connect to wi-fi… My son has instructions, but it’s difficult to use forever. Many times when I call, it pops up and clicks to listen, but when I want to actively call my child, I don’t know how, searching forever, impatiently! Fortunately, a colleague recently introduced an international calling package of MobiFone, which costs only a small fee, but voice calls are also convenient, fast and without shock. With a convenient package, she went back to using a traditional phone for convenience,” Lien shared.

Currently, Ms. Van Anh and Mr. Tien are also using MobiFone’s Global Saving package to serve the needs of high-quality international communication. Mr. Tien expressed: “I am satisfied with the cost of this service, which can save up to 80% compared to international packages that I find out”.

Global Saving package – international calls are as cheap as domestic

A representative of MobiFone shared that not only when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, international communication was always a “problem” that telecommunications service providers needed to focus on. The Global Saving package has been built and provided by MobiFone for a long time, chosen by many users. Currently, this package of MobiFone is more flexible, with many cost options, serving diverse needs.

With the Global Saving package, international calling charges will no longer be a worry. Subscribers can use anytime, anywhere and call to 25 countries and territories.

To give users more choices, MobiFone offers many packages with different fees: starting from 9,000 VND, 19 thousand VND, 49 thousand VND, 199 thousand VND and 299 thousand VND, equivalent to many needs. different demand and cycle. The package with a 30-day cycle is only 789 VND/minute, cheaper than domestic voice calls.

One of the outstanding advantages of the Global Saving package is the 1313 dual prefix to help subscribers easily remember and communicate quickly. At the same time, the system will automatically disconnect when the package is used up, without worrying about arising and “overspending” the tariff.

With Global Saving, Mobifone offers many options for customers wishing to make international voice calls, outstanding with high quality of transmission line and similar price to domestic. Thanks to that, the family is closer together, the work is also handled smoothly and smoothly.

Doan Phong


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