Sundown, Gloria, Mi iubita mon amour… The films to see or avoid this week

Tim Roth as a depressed holidaymaker, a real film by Cassavetes, a holiday idyll in Romania… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Sundown – You can see

Drama by Michel Franco, 1h23.

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness. The swimming pool is overflowing, the service first class, the margaritas impeccably fresh. In this starred establishment in Acapulco, customers are treated with small onions. Neil Bennett (Tim Roth) spends an idyllic vacation with Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who is first thought to be his wife, and two teenagers who may be their children, but things are not what they are. seem.

The phone is ringing. Disaster. Their mother died. We have to go back to London. At the airport, Neil claims to have forgotten his passport. He will jump on the next flight. Instead, he moves into a seedy downtown hotel, doesn’t answer calls, leaves his cell phone in a drawer. The days are spent on the public beach, sipping beers with your feet in the water on a plastic chair. He has glare and it’s not just from the sun.

This actor, who we knew was overexcited, displays the vague smile of the delighted one from the crèche. He is elsewhere. He asks nothing. This emptiness suits him. What’s the matter with him ? This is the question that his relatives ask themselves. He does not respond, sinks into silence and indifference. Around him, the class struggle results in kidnappings. Tragedy lurks and he attaches no importance to it. If the end must come, let it come. This world is no longer his.

The director of Sundown takes care not to explain the reasons for this disarray. The result is disturbing, sticky, filmed in white writing. The adventures are often on the verge of falling into the ridiculous. This intrigues, disconcerts. Hard to forget this Foreign of Albert Camus in flip flops. Yesterday mom died.

Krypto, and the super-animals – You can see

Created in the comics in 1955, the canine version of Superman today has the honors of an animated film. The film unfolds the pseudo-everyday life of the super-dog Krypto until the kidnapping of Superman. With his team of super-animals, Krypto flies to the rescue of a free world threatened by the demonic guinea pig Lulu. A pleasant summer entertainment, not revolutionary in terms of animation. For children from 6 years old.

Gloria – To review

Thriller by John Cassavetes, 2h03. Blu-ray/DVD at Wild Side Video, €34.99.

Fans of John Cassavetes tend to wince when told about Gloria. Not his best film, according to these purists. An order. Food work. The beautiful video edition offered by Wild Side could make them change their minds. Gloriagolden lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1980, is indeed a studio film.

Cassavetes films the escape of an ex-call girl and a kid in New York, hunted by the mafia. Gena Rowlands is a far cry from the manic-depressed stay-at-home mom ofA woman under the influence. Revolver in hand, she looks like the Clint Eastwood of Inspector Harry (she uses the same insult, “punks”).

Above all, he films the relationship between a woman devoid of maternal instinct and a Puerto Rican orphan who thinks he is a man. This budding love confronts an effervescent and hostile New York. Subways, taxis, stations and restaurants are precarious refuges. The beautiful score by Bill Conti (the composer of rocky) accompanies the flight of these two solitary hearts. Gloria is a fake gangster movie and a real Cassavetes movie.

Mi iubita my love – To avoid

Drama by Noémie Merlant, 1h35.

Noémie Merlant had a great passion with Gimi Covaci, a Roma actor she met on the set of her short film, Shakira. She chose to direct it in her first feature film, taking her group of actress friends to Romania. A film broke for a poor result. In the fiction, Jeanne (Noémie Merlant) goes to Romania with her friends to bury her life as a young girl. As soon as they arrive, they have their car stolen. Nino (Gimi Covaci) and his family take them in. We sing, we dance, we also get a little confused with the neighbors because of a money debt. This is the beginning of a summer chronicle where not much happens except a flirtation between Jeanne and Nino, in the train or at the beach, between brushing bodies, blissful smiles and languorous looks.

Mi iubita my love is undoubtedly a sincere film. Sincerity is not enough. It is strange that no one advised the actress-director to put her film on a shelf, as a souvenir from vacation. She is then free to view it as she pleases, why not as part of a slide show.

Costa Brava, Lebanon – To avoid

Drama by Mounia Akl, 1 h 47.

In a supposedly futuristic Lebanon, a wealthy family has isolated themselves in the mountains to live in autarky and flee urban pollution and corruption. The clan is soon caught up with the installation of a landfill near his property. Between tenderness and discord, the film shows above all numerous scenes of argument between the idealistic father (Saleh Bakri), the activist mother and former successful singer (Nadine Labaki), the grandmother, a teenager and a little girl who is the only one to bring a little air into this oven. Mounia Akl’s first film would like to be an allegory of the disintegration of the country, but it ends up being nothing but a suffocating camera for the viewer.


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