Sunday work: traders can send exemption requests to the prefecture now

Small traders can now send their requests for exemptions to the prefecture to open on Sunday, the Ministry of Labor announced on Wednesday November 25 to franceinfo. The ministry will send a circular to the prefects asking them to facilitate these exemptions. Merchants will be able to rely on two exceptional reasons to justify their requests: health on the one hand, with the need to regulate the flow of customers in their stores; on the other hand, to catch up with their turnover, which was damaged by the administrative closures in November.

The Minister of Labor √Člisabeth Borne has already addressed the issue of exceptional Sunday openings with the social partners, assure her services, who explain that she will specify “very quickly” these provisions to traders.

While traders also demanded to be able to open under the same conditions in January, the Ministry of Labor has specified that these exemptions will relate only to the month of December.

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