Sudden death of Tanya Roberts, James Bond girl in Dangerously Yours

DISAPPEARANCE – The actress, who was 65, claimed to be a victim of “curseTouching the actresses who interpreted a conquest of Agent 007.

Tanya Roberts, the James Bond girl in Dangerously yours and Midge Pinciotti in the series Funny ladies died at the age of 65. The actress is “collapsedAs she walked her dogs on December 24, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Hospitalized in Los Angeles, she died on Sunday January 3.

Tanya Roberts began her career modeling and appearing in television commercials. She then turns to the cinema in the horror film Dead end rape. She connects the roles, first in the comedy Racquet and the fantastic movie Dar the invincible and the series Funny ladies then in Sheena, queen of the jungle, a female version of Tarzan. The big-budget film, produced by Columbia Pictures, will certainly be a box office fiasco but will become cult.

This remake earned him the attention of producers who offered him the most important role of his career: that of the James Bond girl in Dangerously yours, in 1985. In this film, the last of Roger Moore in the role of 007, she plays Stacey Sutton, an American geologist who becomes the target of the villainous Max Zorin, played by Christopher Walken.

Despite the media attention surrounding every release of a James Bond, Tanya Roberts’ film career did not take off as she had hoped. In recent years, the actress had mentioned in interviews the “curseTo be a James Bond girl. “I felt like any girl who was a James Bond girl struggled to shoot in other movies, so I was careful», She explained to Daily Mail in 2015.

These reluctance will quickly be swept away by his agents, who encourage him to accept the role. But after Dangerously yours, Tanya Roberts will struggle to renew herself. She will play in the comedy Body Slam in 1987 and the erotic thriller Night eyes, films that went relatively unnoticed.

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