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Such fear of the brutality of the Russian army that parents writing family information on the backs of small children

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Of course, last month, Russia and Ukraine had a meeting on peace and agreed to reduce aggression in some cities, but the ground reality is different. The war has become more destructive than ever. The Russian army is brutally killing civilians. Thousands of children have become orphans. Recently, some such pictures have come on social media, which tell the whole story of this war.

doing so out of fear of mishap

Many such pictures from Ukraine have gone viral on social media in which Ukrainians are writing their names and other family details on the backs of their small children. He is doing this in the apprehension of the unforeseen that he will not know when the Russian army will kill him.

A local journalist narrated the pain

Sharing one such picture, a Ukrainian journalist wrote that, “Ukrainian mothers are writing their and full family details on their backs amid fears of death of themselves or their children. On the other hand Europe is still discussing gas. Has been doing.”

children constantly on target

In the picture shared by the journalist, there is a small girl and her mother has written on her back her name (Vera), the name of the guardian and a telephone number which appears to be that of her relative. After writing the details on the back, the girl’s mother also shared this picture on social media. The mother has written in the message that, if anything happens to any of us and the girl who gets this, please take care of it. At the same time, very emotional comments of people are also coming on this picture. Let us tell you that similar vandalism came to the fore last week. Then a report claimed that the Russian army was using children as human shields. The report told how Russian soldiers were walking in front of the tank with a bus full of children.

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