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Sub-lineage of Kovid Delta variant found in Sri Lanka

New Delta Variant: Sri Lanka on Friday detected a new sub-lineage of the delta variant of COVID-19. This version is scientifically named as B.1.617.2 AY-104. According to the information received, this variant is highly transmissible even in the vaccinated population. This is the third variant of Kovid-19 found in Sri Lanka. However, the transmissible rate of this sub-lineage ‘AY-104’ is yet to be ascertained. Sri Lankan officials said samples of this sub-lineage have been sent to laboratories in Hong Kong for further analysis. This new sub-variant, ‘AY-104’ was detected by researchers from Sri Jayawardenepura University.

Dr Chandima Jeevdara, Director of Government University, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, said that after the introduction of this new variant, the total number of variants that have arisen in the country (Sri Lanka) has gone up to three. According to Dr Chandima Jeevdara, the first variant found in Sri Lanka was B.411, which is a lineage of the ancestral SARS-CoV-2 virus. The second was B.1.617.2 which is ‘AY-28’ and the third was B.1.617.2., a subgenre of ‘AY-28’. He said it is important that new versions are detected in the North, North-Central and Southern Provinces. Other indigenous COVID-19 sub-variants were also detected in the Western Province (capital Colombo).

He said that after tracing the samples taken, the ‘AY-104’ variant was confirmed in 288 samples. While ‘AY-28’ variants were confirmed in 479 samples. Dr Jeevdara added, “This shows us that the virus is mutating in different ways and spreading in different ways in different regions. Further details will be released by the laboratories in Hong Kong,” he added. Will be made available only after leaving.

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