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Strong emotion after the suicide attempt of a student from Lyon

In Lyon, which had seen a student immolate himself at the end of 2019 to denounce his living conditions, the shock wave spread, after the suicide attempt of another young person, Saturday, January 9. The young man, enrolled at the University Jean-Moulin Lyon 3, defeated himself from the fourth floor of his city U. He was, Monday January 11 in hospital, in a worrying state.

At this stage, nothing indicates that this gesture is linked to the isolation or precariousness which afflict many students. But the reactions have multiplied, between emotion and anger, on the part of Internet users convinced that this drama stems from the context, with universities which have known only a few weeks of face-to-face since last March.

“I was not surprised by this terrible news”, entrusted to The cross a student registered, like the victim, in a master’s degree at the Institute of Law and Business Economics. “Even if there are necessarily deeper reasons than the difficulties we all experience, to follow up to ten hours of lessons per day in front of the computer, with teachers who do not adapt their pedagogy but keep the same requirements “, nuance this young man, who says “Often give in to depression”.

“A human drama is playing out”

In a letter to his students and staff, the president of Lyon 3, Éric Carpano, also remains cautious. “It is not for us at this stage to look for an explanation for this gesture”, he wrote, continuing: “The closure of universities, distance learning, the cessation of sporting, cultural and festive activities have fostered isolation and psychological distress. The economic situation has plunged the most vulnerable into precariousness. A human drama is playing out that we must not hide. “

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“The students have been abandoned! “, gets carried away Jules Gori, militant of the Unef in Lyon 3, which demands in particular “A health check with free visits to shrinks and more psychologists in establishments” to cope “To an untenable situation”.

The recovery is not on the cards

If the Ministry of Higher Education admits that among students “The number of psychological consultations has increased by 30% since March”, he ensures that “Nothing shows an increase in suicides”.

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Pressed by the university community to authorize a resumption of face-to-face classes, the government invokes the health situation. “A generalized return to progress is unfortunately not on the agenda”, deplores Rue Descartes, while universities are gradually starting to welcome first-year students in groups of ten deemed at risk of dropping out.


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