Stroke from headache

HanoiAfter returning home from work, a 28-year-old boy suddenly felt a bit of a headache, went to bed and rested, not thinking he had a stroke.

The headache intensified, he fell asleep. Two hours later, the mother got into bed and woke her son up but no reflex. The family took the child to the Provincial General Hospital, then transferred to the Stroke Center, 108 Military Central Hospital, on 11/12.

Doctor Nguyen Van Tuyen, Director of Stroke Center, diagnoses patients with stroke, MRI scans detect cerebral vascular malformation. The team of doctors judged that the condition was critical, if the risk of cerebral edema was prolonged, the pressure of the skull increased, leading to coma and death.

Fortunately, the patient has been successful by doctors, currently through a critical crisis.

Dr Tuyen said that such young patients with stroke are not uncommon. From the beginning of 2020 up to now, Stroke Center, Military Central Hospital 108, emergency care more than 3,000 strokes, of which patients under 40 years old account for about 17%.

Doctors examine patients, morning 11/12. Image: Thuy Quynh

Dr. Tuyen said that there are many causes of stroke in young people, including cerebral vascular malformation is one of the leading causes of brain burns. When ruptured vasculature will be very dangerous, very high mortality rate, can cause sudden death before being taken to hospital.

Cerebral vascular malformations can be either congenital or undergo many years to develop. There are two methods of examining cerebral vessels: cerebral vascular resonance imaging and cerebral vascular tomography. Currently, provincial hospitals and above are equipped with both types of machines with a one-time price of about 2.5 million VND for magnetic resonance imaging and 1.9 million VND for computer tomography.

Doctors believe that it is necessary to have a single scan of the cerebral vessels for many years, so this cost is not expensive. In return, if a vascular malformation is detected, doctors can treat the aortic node before the malformation ruptures. Currently, the majority of patients with cerebral vascular malformation have no symptoms, detected when the malformation has ruptured or by accident when taking brain and brain angiography due to other diseases.

When brain bleeding from rupture of a vasculature, symptoms occur immediately, after a few seconds. Common signs are sudden severe headache, nausea and vomiting, may disturb consciousness, numbness, hemiplegia depending on the severity and location of the brain bleeding. Severe condition, the patient may suddenly die due to the cardiac arrest reflex.

To avoid a life-threatening event, doctors advise not only the elderly to have cerebrovascular scans, but also screening for young people, at least once during their younger years.

In addition to cerebral vascular malformation, there are many factors that cause stroke, such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy, stressful work … .

For young people, to reduce the risk of stroke, it is necessary to periodically check for risk factors and treat them early. Change bad habits, practice science, quit smoking, quit drinking.


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