Stroke due to cold weather

Doctors at Cao Bang Provincial General Hospital said that the patient was admitted to the hospital in a deep coma. Currently, the patient is on a ventilator, receiving active treatment.

The doctor determined that the main cause of the stroke in this patient was high blood pressure and the harsh cold weather in the North. Statistics from the beginning of October 2021 up to now, the hospital’s emergency department has received nearly 60 cases of cerebral stroke with varying degrees of severity. Most of these patients were not detected early, admitted to the hospital when it was past the “golden hour” (4.5 hours since the onset of the disease), so treatment was difficult, leaving severe sequelae, high risk high mortality.

Doctors constantly monitor the health of patients in the emergency room. Photo: Hospital provides

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the world, leaving heavy sequelae for patients, becoming a burden for families and society. The cause of increased stroke is that cold weather makes blood vessels less elastic, narrowing of blood vessels, and poor blood flow to the brain. On the other hand, when the blood vessels constrict, it is easy to increase blood pressure, increasing the pressure in the blood vessels.

People with atherosclerotic or thromboembolic complications, the blood vessels are easily blocked, even ruptured blood vessels lead to cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, high risk of death or extremely severe complications. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, each year Vietnam records about 200,000 new strokes, 80% of which are people with high blood pressure. Nearly 40% of people do not know they have the disease, 69% are not controlled.

In order to prevent stroke in the cold season, especially on cold, harmful days, people with blood pressure disease need to control blood pressure well, monitor indicators regularly, take prescribed medications, and control blood fats. . Keep your body warm when it’s cold outside, don’t get up early to exercise. Do not use stimulants such as tobacco and alcohol; eat with proper nutrition.

Middle-aged and elderly people should have regular health check-ups for stroke prevention advice. When a loved one has one of the symptoms of a stroke, the family member needs to quickly take the patient to the nearest medical facility or hospital that has adequate facilities, techniques and expertise for prompt emergency and treatment.

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