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Strike in education: less than 2% of striking teachers, according to the ministry

The rate of teachers’ strikers, mobilized Thursday, January 20 to protest against the management of the health crisis in schools, amounted to 1.15% in the first degree and 2.18% in the second degree, according to the ministry. of national education.

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A week after a very well-attended strike, a demonstration is scheduled for Thursday in Paris from 2 p.m. For Guislaine David, general secretary of Snuipp-FSU, the first primary school union, “the goal this time was not to call on the teachers to strike because at one week intervals it is complicated. The idea today is to maintain the pressure with local mobilizations, before a new strike call on January 27”she told AFP.

“Continue the mobilization”

Thursday, January 13, the rates of strikers were much higher, with more than 38% in the first degree and nearly 24% in the second, according to figures from the Ministry of Education.

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Last week’s movement was also aimed at protesting against the waltz of health protocols in schools. It had brought together all the education unions, including several (FSU, CGT Educ’action, FO and SUD Education, as well as the FCPE, the first parents’ organization, and the high school student movements FIDL, MNL and La Voix lycéenne ) called for “continue mobilization”engaging “in a new day of action Thursday, including by the strike”.


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