Strategies to reduce F0 deaths in Binh Duong

Binh Duong rearranged the isolation areas, focused on consolidating the hospital on the 2nd floor, treating the asymptomatic F0 at home to reduce pressure on the 3rd floor and reduce the F0 mortality rate.

During this epidemic, Binh Duong recorded nearly 170,000 Covid-19 cases, ranking second in the country, after Ho Chi Minh City (more than 320,000 cases). The number of deaths in Binh Duong so far is 1,549 (0.9% of the total number of cases). From September 5, the highest recorded number of deaths was on September 10 with 55 cases, the lowest was on September 13 with 32 cases. The number of people announced to be cured every day in Binh Duong is now more than the number of hospitalizations. Cumulative up to now is 128,668 cases that have been cured.

Compared with the death rate to the total number of infections, Binh Duong is lower than Ho Chi Minh City (12,768 deaths – nearly 4% of the total number of infections).

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Lan Hieu (Director of Hanoi Medical University Hospital, appointed by the Ministry of Health to be the Medical Director of Binh Duong ICU Field Hospital), the first and most important goal in the treatment work. Current treatment for Covid-19 is to reduce the risk of death.

“We have to change the way we fight the epidemic, focusing on the root cause of death,” said Assoc. Hieu, adding that previously, the health sector deployed concentrated isolation with the main purpose of reducing the F0 mortality rate. in the community, limiting the spread of infection. But in the next strategy, localities need to change form centralized isolation.

He proposed disbanding concentrated isolation areas. Any qualified place will become a hospital on the first floor, focusing on more doctors and medicine, equipment, and oxygen. In order to reduce pressure on the field hospital, only symptomatic F0 patients and asymptomatic people should be treated at medical facilities for isolation at home.

This solution was shared by Dr. Hieu in a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and the special task force on September 14, contributing to reducing the pressure on the 3rd floor hospital and the F0 mortality rate. In addition, Binh Duong is continue testing the pooled sample In the “green zone” areas, especially in the hostel areas, areas with a lot of workers because before many “3 on-site” companies appeared F0 due to working together, eating and drinking, so it spread very quickly.

About treatmentCurrently, Binh Duong still applies the 3-storey tower model of treatment according to the protocol of the Ministry of Health, including: first floor for asymptomatic patients (80%); second floor for patients with mild and moderate symptoms (15%). floor 3 treatment of patients with severe and critical symptoms (5%). In which, the treatment capacity on the second floor currently has about 4,200 beds and the third floor has nearly 1,000 beds, but both floors are only operating at 50% capacity due to the high number of F0 on the first floor.

The province expanded and converted the functions of three Covid-19 patient treatment areas including the Covid-19 patient treatment area Ben Cat Town Medical Center from 40 beds to 80 beds; Thuan An city’s Covid-19 patient treatment area from 250 beds to 500 beds. Particularly, the treatment area for Covid-19 patients in Dau Tieng district at Ngo Quyen Primary School with a scale of 500 separate beds, 300 beds for Covid-19 patients on the 1st floor; 200 for Covid-19 patients on the 2nd floor.

Establishment of 51 mobile medical stations in 26 communes and wards of the “red zone”; 90 Mobile health stations in “green areas” to promptly handle cases and reduce pressure on the front lines. The province continues to apply F0 isolation at home. In the event that the patient shows symptoms or shows severe signs, medical staff at local mobile health stations are ready to assist.

Binh Duong needs to add more drugs to treat Covid-19 such as anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory drugs and medical personnel. The total number of doctors and nurses in Binh Duong is about 2,000 people. In which, many delegations participated in supporting for a long time, such as Phu Tho doctors and nurses who have been supporting for more than 3 months, Hanoi Medical University for 2 months. The medical staff in Binh Duong are concentrated on the first and second floor hospitals; Only the third floor treating severe patients accounts for 10% of the workforce.

“Treatment strategy is always the last step in the process of epidemic control. When the locality announces that the epidemic has been controlled, the treatment stage can still be extended after a month until the last patient is discharged from the hospital.” Prof. Hieu said.

Binh Duong people are examined before being vaccinated against Covid-19. Photo:Yen Khanh

According to doctors, the positive rate through testing in the community above 1% is a dangerous rate. He warned people in green areas not to ignore epidemic prevention measures, the situation will be complicated if an infection occurs. The province also needs to conduct selective community testing, not mass.

“Sampling representative families and areas for testing, every day only need to test 2-3 people to analyze the risk. If the positive rate is less than 1% of the total sample, then handle as usual. If over 1 % is considered a dangerous area, immediately organize large-scale testing, send people at risk for treatment,” said Associate Professor Hieu.

About Vaccination, Binh Duong has given the first injection to more than 95% of people aged 18 and over. The total number of injections was 1,908,969 doses (1,855,495 doses 1 and 53,474 doses 2). The province is still short of about two million doses to reach the target of people aged 18 years and over completing two doses, early reaching herd immunity.

According to the Provincial Steering Committee for Anti-epidemic, Binh Duong has 7/9 districts, towns and cities that are already “green zones”. On September 14, Chairman of Binh Duong People’s Committee Vo Van Minh assessed that the peak of the epidemic has passed, field hospitals are now basically stable, and there is no confusion and overload, the goal of September 20 must complete testing, isolate F0 from the community.

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