Stock market: these new champions ready to compete with Gafam

Posted Feb 11 2022 at 7:05 amUpdated Feb 11. 2022 at 7:13 am

Does talking about the Gafam still make sense? Behind the well-known investor acronym are a handful of companies that have gained a dominant position in financial markets over the past decade: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. These emblematic values ​​of Big Tech continue to dominate debates on the regulation of Internet platforms in Europe and the United States, but they are far from forming a homogeneous group.

The brutal weakness of Facebook, now Meta Platforms, has highlighted these differences. The regulatory issues on Amazon, most often related to competition on its marketplaces, are not the same as for Meta. The titans of the global Internet do not face the same challenges, they do not have the same growth profile and their stock market trajectories can be quite different. In fact, the fall of Meta had no consequences for the other Gafams.

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