State aid: French debt approaches 120% of GDP

State aid has made it possible to create businesses and preserve jobs; thus, the “whatever the cost” is far from over. “The State continues to water with public money to avoid the surge in bankruptcies and unemployment. To pay for these emergency measures, France is borrowing like all countries. We are approaching 120% of debt, that is, is 20 points more than just a year ago “, explains journalist Alexandra Bensaïd on the set of the 20 Hours of France 2, Monday January 18.

Pierre Moscovici, head of the Court of Auditors, warns that we must prepare to stay above this threshold of 100% for at least ten years. Should we be worried? “Not now. Only 15 years ago, we were about 76% debt, and then the government was already ringing the alarm bell […]. Today there is the ECB [Banque centrale européenne] and its accommodative policy, there are interest rates at 0, even negative … Investors pay to give us money “, continues the journalist. On the other hand, “letting the debt slip away indefinitely harms young people, it upsets our German neighbors, and it weakens us”, tempers Alexandra Bensaïd.

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