Startup Metaverse of Vietnamese people received huge investment capital of millions of USD

Vietnamese startup projects following the Metaverse trend have continuously appeared recently and attracted investment capital from the international market.

According to Yahoo News, VerseHub – a Vietnamese technology startup has just received an investment of 1 million USD by a group of angel investors. This is a startup that develops technology products following the trend of the Metaverse virtual universe.

Since the social network Facebook changed the company’s name to Meta and confirmed it would pursue the development of a virtual world, Metaverse projects have become mainstream in the technology market. That is also the reason why Metaverse startups constantly appear and attract huge capital flows from international investors.

Information named Yahoo News shows that the investment in Vietnamese startup VerseHub was spent by a group of unnamed investors, led by GameFi. Their rationale for investing was given by the founders of VerseHub who had hands-on experience in creating Metaverse products, even before the trend spread.

VerseHub is one of many Vietnamese startups pursuing the trend of developing the virtual universe (Metaverse). Photo: Trong Dat

Sharing about his startup, Canh Ho – co-founder and CTO of VerseHub said that he initially wanted to set up a company in the UK to facilitate work. However, this startup will soon return to the country to contribute to spreading the entrepreneurial spirit in Vietnam.

Before receiving capital from a group of investors led by Gamefi, VerseHub had been incubating the project for 6 months and declined many invitations to cooperate, the founder said.

According to Canh Ho, the founders of VerseHub wanted to build a sustainable product instead of chasing short-term profits. Therefore, the research team of this startup has been quietly implementing their project for a long time, before announcing and calling for investment capital.

Before VerseHub, another Metaverse Make in Vietnam startup, Meta Spatial, had successfully raised capital from many investment funds, including Animoca Brands – the key investment fund in the first round of Axie Infinity.

Trong Dat


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